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K-Beauty from Seoul: Missha Bee Pollen Renew Ampouler, Treatment, and Cream Review

by Kaisa
MISSHA - Bee Pollen Renew Set: Ampouler 40ml + Cream 50ml + Treatment 30ml 3pcs

I love trying out “weird” skincare ingredients.

Snail mucus? Tried it. Turmeric? Why not. Egg? Psssh, sure.

I’d tried bee venom skincare before, but never bee pollen. When I saw the Missha bee pollen ampouler, toner treatment, and cream set during my last visit to Seoul, I was super intrigued. I’m a sucker for K-beauty value sets in general.

After a little bit of digging online, it totally makes sense why the Missha bee pollen line would do great things for your skin.

Bee pollen is the INCREDIBLY NUTRITIOUS substance fed to young bees. It’s a superfood, too. I love the idea of edible skincare ingredients, especially if they’re insanely good for you!

Bee covered in pollen Missha bee pollen

I was especially interested when I saw what feel like the current skincare buzzwords: “moisture barrier”. Bee pollen is supposed to help restore our moisture barriers. With all the chemical exfoliation and acids and stuff on the market now, people are over-using them and messing up their skin’s natural moisture barriers. If you see people going on acid detoxes, where they quit using actives for a month or more, it’s probably moisture barrier related. 

So, I purchased the set of Missha’s bee pollen skincare, and decided to try for myself! After a harsh, dry North Dakota winter and various exfoliating skincare experiments, I figured my skin needed some serious TLC.


Missha bee pollen renew skincare set


Read my review below for details, but here’s the takeaway: buy this value set if you’re really interested in the skincare benefits of bee pollen (particularly if you have dry skin or an effed up moisture barrier). It comes with a full sized ampouler, which was my favorite product in the set. If you think you just need a little bit of help, or want to dip your toe into bee pollen, just get the ampouler on its own.  


Without further ado…let’s get to the review!


Day 1: First Impressions

After washing my face with my gentle cleanser, I used the bee pollen treatment mist as a sort of toner. I just spritzed it all over my face, though will try their other recommended method of using a cotton pad tomorrow. The mist smelled great and felt quite refreshing (which isn’t a novel concept; it’s a mist after all). It didn’t sting my eyes or taste weird or anything like that.

After the treatment, I applied the bee pollen ampouler itself. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but not this. It was extremely viscous and quite cloudy. It also smelled nice. I can’t quite describe the scent, but it was clean and fresh and reminded me of high-end skincare. The ampoule (ampouler?! What’s the difference?) applied really smoothly and just sunk nicely into my skin, yet I only needed one squirt from the applicator. I noticed it was a tad slimy, like the CosRX snail mucin in a way.

Finally, I applied the cream. It was quite luxurious and thick and, yes, it smelled good, too. After all this my face felt moisturized yet not sticky or greasy in any way. Now, to bed!

Day 2: First Impressions 2.0 (AKA Second… Impressions…?)

So, when I first felt my face upon waking up it felt wonderfully soft and smooth. I did notice a couple weird itchy bumps, though. One of them was on my forehead and another on my temple. They were small and barely noticeable, but a little itchy. I’m going to keep using the bee pollen line because I almost think they may be bug bites? We shall see. Otherwise, I love how my skin looks and feels and am excited to keep going. No sign of pimple reduction, but that’s not really what the line is target for anyway.

I noticed more stickiness today than last night. But makeup went on really well over the skincare so that was fine by me.

Day 3: Am I Allergic to Bee Pollen…?

Bee hive Missha bee pollen ampouler

I have noticed more small itchy bumps so I am going to apply the products less heavily in the mornings. I’ve been using all three fairly generously at night AND in the morning; I think this is too much for my slightly sensitive skin, which typically only gets some micellar water and moisturizing SPF in the mornings! I LOVE how my skin feels while and after applying all of these products, but I’m going to save the ampoule for the evenings, and use the other two more sparingly in the mornings. My morning routine is typically pretty minimal so it was kind of ambitious of me to slather on all this new stuff twice a day.

I actually love how my skin looks, besides the small bumps I noticed on my forehead when I woke up this morning. My cheeks look extremely smooth and glowy. I’m hoping after a couple more days my whole face will adjust a bit, because if my forehead can get on board with my cheeks I will literally never use another product! Haha.

Day 4: Thaaaaaat’s Better

I did not wake up with any bumps this morning, so I think Operation Chill Out With The Morning Skincare is working. I applied a thin layer of the cream before my sunscreen this morning, and my primer and makeup went on really smoothly and beautifully. I can’t get over how good this stuff smells, seriously. I feel so FANCY when I’m putting it on, whether it’s the toner, ampoule, or cream. My skin is absolutely more hydrated in the dry, windy North Dakota winter air.

Day 7: This Missha Bee Pollen Stuff is Great!

Okay, so, it’s been a week and I’m really pleased with my skin on the Missha bee pollen products! I think my skin has a nice glow and plumpness to it—classic signs it’s moisturized. I haven’t experienced any more odd bumps or pimples.

In fact, my skin often develops really dry patches after I go outside when it’s windy and frigid, but I haven’t experienced any of that since using the Missha products, either!

I have used hardly any of the mini sized toner or full sized ampoule, but the mini size of the moisturizing cream is maybe a third gone. I don’t think I’m using ridiculous amounts of it or anything… perhaps they just include enough for you to decide if you like it enough to buy the full size.

I love waking up in the morning when I’ve used these products the night before. My skin feels soft and smooth and bouncy, as if I used some awesome night mask. I can absolutely tell these products are great for restoring moisture barriers, as described. 

I’ll keep using until I finish the moisturizing cream, then update again. 

Day 14: Out of Cream/2 Week Check-in!

I literally finished the deluxe size moisturizing cream on the two week mark (pretty much expected for a smaller sample size moisturizer). I’ve been using all of the products religiously morning and evening for the past two weeks.

My skin loves the Missha bee pollen line so far. It isn’t doing anything for my hormonal acne breakouts, but that’s not the skincare concern it targets, anyway.

What it is doing wonders for, however, is dryness and moisture barrier. Sorry to over the phrase, but really, this has been 2 weeks of much-needed TLC for my poor skin!

I will keep using these products until I run out, and will update this post if I have any problems or they stop working. So far though, I’m really pleased overall!

Missha bee pollen renew set box

The Verdict: Will I Repurchase the Missha Bee Pollen Renew Products?

The Missha bee pollen ampouler, toner treatment, and cream are great products, and I’m glad I tried them. You can buy the set from YesStyle (an awesome, affordable K-beauty and style site), the Missha website or eBay (I don’t particularly recommend the latter unless YesStyle and the Missha site are sold out, but sometimes you can find good deals).

(The set isn’t available on Amazon, but my two favorite products, the ampouler and toner treatment mist, both are!)

After 2 weeks, I can already see them doing wonders for my dry, sensitive winter skin, and restoring a damaged moisture barrier. The set of three was an ideal way to try them all, particularly because my favorite product of all (the ampouler) comes in a full sized bottle.

I would MOST enthusiastically recommend the Missha bee pollen renew ampouler. This is the only product of the three I’m almost certain I’ll purchase again. I love the skincare benefits of bee pollen and this ampoule delivers them. I can see it being the only essence/ampoule I reach for, especially in the winter months!

The second product I recommend is the toner renew treatment. It’s cool that it can be used as a toner, or just a refreshing, moisturizing spritz (with or without makeup on)! I typically use the Mario Basecu facial sprays, but the Missha bee pollen treatment is definitely more moisturizing.

Finally, the bee pollen renew cream is nice and all, but I am hesitant to recommend it. If anything, I think the set of all three is a great deal, so give it a shot for yourself. While the cream soaks wonderfully into my skin and is nourishing, it is a bit sticky and I have tried other moisturizers that do the same thing. Basically, it’s the least “special” of the three. I reckon you could get the benefits of bee pollen ingredients from generously applying the ampoule before bed with your essence(s), and just following up with whatever moisturizer you like best.

Thanks for reading my Missha bee pollen renew review!

Let me know if you tried any of these products, and what you thought! If you purchased them after reading this review, I’d also love to know if you agree with my assessment!

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