by Kaisa

Blah. Itineraries.

Itineraries can be so painfully general and, as a result, cookie-cutter. We’re all into different stuff, for crying out loud.

But! I’ll do my best to make my itineraries as zesty and unique and fun as possible! While still making sure you get the must-sees and can’t-misses.

My itineraries are gonna be similar to the other greatest hit lists you see on other travel blogs, though one big disclaimer I’ll give is that I really, really like to walk (surprise, girl with trekking blog enjoys walking). You aren’t gonna see much in the way of public transportation or taxis. Walking from Point A to Point B is my favorite–nay–the only way to see a new city. I am very firmly of the opinion that sore feet=worth it. If you disagree, congrats on the lack of masochistic instincts, and might I recommend those big red rooftop bus tours? Those can be a hoot.

Anyway, enjoy the itineraries, and please please please let me know what you think of them! 🙂

Bonus points for sore feet, and extra credit for getting lost. That makes it even more fun.