About Me

by Kaisa

Travel blogging has been my dream since I studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, during my junior year of college in 2012. I caught the travel bug hard and have worked and traveled seasonally on and off ever since. This blog is about my adventures on and off the road, hiking trail, and beaten path.

I love to write about and share my experiences as a solo female traveler with others.

For better or worse (probably definitely worse), student loans kind of make me a reluctant expert on budget travel. Yep, there’s a way to travel while paying off student loans! I promise!

I also love hiking, camping, and National Parks–a lot of my seasonal jobs on American soil are in parks. Parks are not only gorgeous, but loaded with gorgeous views, wildlife, and hikes. I wanted to incorporate these spectacular places (both at home and abroad!) into my blog, sometimes alongside gear recs and stuff like that I’ve picked up along the way.



Finally, hippie/boho (life)style stuff is a somewhat peripheral subject my blog, which is really budget travel and hiking-based at its heart, but I enjoy writing about it so it might pop up from time to time! Gotta put the “glam” in glam granola, after all.


I love to write, I love to travel, and I’m gonna keep doing both!


For more snazzy stories, tips, and incoherent rambling, check out my pages:

Facebook–most updated of all my pages, social media HQ, lots of fun travel quotes, pics, advice, and banter with you awesome people.

Instagram–my favorite social media outlet, where I can post just pretty pictures and don’t have to worry so much about pesky grammar. Ahhh, yes. If you’re gonna follow me on ONE of these, let it be Instagram.

Twitter–quotes, Insta re-posts, live-tweeting my adventures (or this winter, reminiscing).

Pinterest–god, I barely understand Pinterest, but I think I love it. Everything is pretty. Mine is a lot of very colorful infographics on budget travel, plus insanely gorgeous pictures of countries I have been/need to visit, plus absurdly cute clothes I will never be able to afford.