Travel Merch

I’d say my style is equal parts cute hippie chic, casual Southeast Asia hostel-to-beach wear, REI-esque cool outdoor sporty, and chill af college ultimate frisbee player.


It’s like that famous saying… you can take the girl out of her alma mater, but you can’t take the hella bro tanks off of the girl.


I enjoy designing my own stuff, from time to time. I only do it for fun and literally only design stuff I would wear myself.


I’m super picky when it comes to graphic tees and refuse to spend $30 on a customized cute travel-themed shirt. Sorry not sorry. So, I try to make the designs really simple and wearable AND freaking affordable. I’m not tryna make a profit so much as have fun.


If you dig it, you can get it here. Or not. You do you.